Symphony of Love

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Symphony Of Love - Norman Bergen





Since September of 2013 Norman has been the Musical Director for The American Queen Streamboat Company.  Norman has arranged and assisted with the production of the shows for all of the boats receiving great reviews. Norman is one of the band leaaders on the American Queen, along with his duties aboard the new American Duchess and also the American Empress

New band along with Musical Director Norman Bergen, on the American Duchess Inaugural Cruise.











Above 3 of the new band members of the new American Duchess and Norman Bergen, right, on the  Inaugural Cruise, August 15, 2017


July 2013 - Norman recently returned from Finland where he was a featured performer at the annual Karuna Unplugged concert. While in Finland, he was presented with a triple platinum Kari Tapio album from AXR Records' Ilkka Vainio, son of the legendary Juha Vainio who wrote the beautiful lyrics for " Muisto vain jää", the Finnish version of "Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart".

Norman triple












April 3, 2013 - This update from Milk & Sugar: " Stay Around " has now rocketed to position #1 in the British Dance Charts!


March 28, 2013 - The latest single from international dance club stars Milk & Sugar is "Stay Around (Edition 2)", co-written by Mike Milk, Steven Sugar, Charlotte Kelly, Reid Whitelaw and Norman Bergen.   It is currently Top 10 on the UK club chart and Top 20 on the main European Clubs chart! From the album "15 Years of Milk & Sugar".


Two remixes of Norman's composition "Stay Around" by Milk & Sugar currently hold two of the positions on the Beatport House Music Top 100 at #24 & # 64! Co-writers are Reid Whitelaw and other artists.



"15 Years of Milk & Sugar", new album from the German house music mega-stars Milk & Sugarincludes 2 Norman Bergen compositions co-written with Reid Whitelaw, Mike Milk, and Steven Sugar: "Stay Around" (co-writer Charlotte Kelly) and "Has Your Man Got Soul? " (co-writer Nicole Tyler).  Release date September 28!



New review of Norman's CD "Symphony of Love" : Northern Sky Music Magazine

June 11, 2012 - Norman along with Jay Siegel ( of The Tokens) and Felix the Cat, at Don Oriolo's Felix the Cat Studios in New Jersey.

Jay with Norman











NEW PRODUCT: " Kalifornia" by French DJ Norman Doray. Writers Norman Bergen/ Reid Whitelaw/ Norman Doray. To hear samples or to buy the download of Norman Doray "Kalifornia" Original mix or the David Torte remix version click here.









February 12, 2012- Norman returned from a successful trip to Finland. He was the guest of famous Finnish recording star Harri Marstio. Follow up trip planned for October with performances in Finland. Stay tuned.

January 5, 2012 - Norman's Finnish version of "Muisto Vain Jää" ("Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart") added to You Tube.

January 1,2012 - A Happy New Year to all. May it be the best ever.

December 20, 2011 - Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.

November 9, 2011- Article about Mighty Sparrow and his version of "Only A Fool", written by New York writer Jesse Serwer. It appears in Large Up (a magazine about life and culture of the Carribean in the Islands and abroad). Click here to read the article.

October 12, 2011- "Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart" - more than 1 Million views of the various versions on YouTube!!!

October 1, 2011- Norman at the Nick Lowe concert in Nashville, Tennessee (the historic Ryman Auditorium)

norman and nick lowe











(l to r): Jim Herrington, Norman Bergen, Nick Lowe

Norman wrote the string arrangement for "I Read A Lot" on Nick's latest CD "Old Magic".



*Image of Norman, Nick Lowe and Jim Herrington courtesy of Jim Herrington.