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Things For Which I Have Received Credit But Did Not Do:

     I did not

-compose the “Lion Sleeps Tonight”; nor did I sing on the original 1961 recording by The Tokens.  The original group consisted of Jay Siegel, Phil Margo, Mitch Margo, and Hank Medress.  However I did sing bass and play keyboards on the 1993 remake by The Tokens featuring Mitch Margo, which is on the “Oldies Are Now” album; that version was used on the video and on various tv shows.  For many years, the writing credits have gone to three New York writer-producers, but I am happy to report that the family of that wonderful melody’s South African composer, Solomon Linda, was recently paid a substantial sum.




-play on the original cast album of “Oh! Calcutta!”.  I was conducting the show at that time but the recording was done by the composers, who were also known by their band name, the Open Window.






beverly_bremers-produce the recording “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember” by Beverly Bremers.  The original 45 is credited as a Victrix Production, with a great arrangement by Charlie Calello, one of the best.  However, I did co-produce and arrange most of the cuts on her lp, now on this compilation, though those credits are missing.


Don’t say she didn’t remember.


Singers who have been credited with recordings of “Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart” but never recorded it ( though I wish they had or would):

The Carpenters, Freddy Fender, Dallas Frazier, Nick Carter, and Nick Cave.

People in Holland especially enjoy the imaginary "Freddy Fender" version: Met al 5932 verschillende onderwerpen op het forum!Je bent niet ingelogd!

 Favoriete band: Maroon 5

Beste single: Wonderchild - Christian Walz

Beste album: Joss Stone - Mind, Body & Soul-

Favoriete nummer allertijden: Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Favoriete nummer in de huidige Top 40: Pussycat Dolls - Stick with you                      

Favoriete smartlap: André Hazes - Zij gelooft in mij

Favoriete meezinger: Guus Meeuwis - Het is een nacht

Favoriete discosong: Disco Inferno (Burn Baby Burn) - The Tramps

Beste oldie: "Only a fool breaks his own Heart" - Freddy Fender

Favoriete jongensgroep: Maroon 5

Favoriete meidengroep: Pussycat Dolls

Then there are the Nick versions according to Carter and Cave:

Nick Carter - Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart Lyrics

 Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart

Just maybe somebody is confusing them with Nick Lowe; speaking of whom – here is the funniest mistake:

Yes, that actually showed up on an internet search of the song, which apparently had been translated to French, then back to English. 'Seulement une imbecile would allow a machine to translate any phrase, let alone an entire song lyric.

Art Wayne and Artie Wayne are two different people:

I realize that the people who will find this most fascinating are those two guys, but this recording and both singers have been mentioned in more than one oldies book and magazine, and also in the liner notes for this CD:


The 1961 Art Wayne recording of “Try And Try Again” is included on this CD.  I remember the session vividly as it was my first as an arranger.  Correctly, the liner notes state that it was released on the Xavier label (which was owned by Ernest Kelley).  However, Art Wayne is mistakenly referred to as the same person as Liberty Records artist Artie Wayne.  I am happy to report that the liner notes call “Try And Try Again” Wayne’s ‘best teen recording’.  Actually it was his only recording (and best).  This Art Wayne was actually Archie Wiener, a Junior High School teacher from Brooklyn New York who was in a band with my brother Danny.  The song was first written as “We Don’t Need A Chaperone”, then re-recorded with the newer lyric.  Interestingly, the B-side was entitled “Let Me Make My Own Mistakes”, an appropriate ending for this page.